Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS)

Farming technology is changing the way we farm. Connect your equipment with AFS technology to increase productivity and efficiency year-round.

We believe what you believe: Precision farming should give you more capability, less complexity and 24/7/365 support from people who care about keeping you rolling.

Because when you’re farming precisely, inches and minutes matter. That’s the experience you’ll get from Case IH Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS)

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AFS Connect™

AFS Connect from Case IH gives you total control over your data. With Real time access to your dashboard you have instant access to your equipment information, like locations, diagnostics, fuel and engine stats on any device, just like you were in the field.  Plus you have complete control over who sees your data.


RTK+ Cellular Guidance

Guidance correction to sub inch accuracy from year to year using AFS connect hardware. Cellular RTK removes the issues associated with line of sight obstacles traditionally caused by radio RTK, extending the distance from a cellular base while maintaining accuracy. Cellular RTK creates a seamless connection that reduces application overlaps and skips and improves field efficiency with more accurate placement of inputs such as fertilizer and herbicides. This helps create repeatability and keep tires on the same path reducing compaction.

Fleet Management

Pinpoint each piece of equipment and establish geofences, curfews and more.

Machine Dashboard Monitoring

Allows you to view real-time machine parameters from a remote location. Monitor engine speed, oil temperature, coolant temperature and level, hydraulic oil temperature and pressure, fuel and more.

Monitor Vehicle and Implement Data

Lets you view real-time equipment performance data, including; yield, moisture, singulation, target rates, rotor speed, engine speed and more.
AFS 700 Display

AFS Pro 700: Full-Color, Integrated Touchscreen

Whether you need to do tillage or planting in the spring, spraying in the summer or harvesting in the fall, your Case IH AFS Pro display is at the heart of the task. Count on a single intuitive interface to connect with all your equipment and monitor your performance, even with mixed fleets. Move it from vehicle to vehicle to spread the investment across your entire operation.

AFS Pro 700: Single Control Center

The AFS Pro 700 display is factory installed to save trouble and time during critical seasons. A single, customizable, intuitive, easy-to-read display is used with Case IH tractors, combines, cotton pickers, sprayers, balers, planters, seeders and tillage to control and monitor key functions and track important information. The integrated platform, designed for open architecture, enables compatibility with all the equipment in your farming operation, as well as the systems from your outside suppliers, including co-ops, crop advisers, financial advisers and more. And you can easily take your AFS Pro 700 display from one piece of equipment to another, no matter the color.With the AFS Pro 700 display, you benefit from:
  • Added capabilities with minimal complexity
  • Easy to read in daylight and adjusts for night visibility
  • Features one of the largest screens in the industry in a lighter, thinner package, with more computing power than its predecessor

Guidance and Steering

Advance your operation with Case IH steering and guidance tools like AFS AccuGuide™ for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. By adopting autoguidance, you will reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows.

AFS AccuGuide

Advance your operation with Case IH steering and guidance tools like AFS AccuGuide™ for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. By adopting autoguidance, you will reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating

AFS ElectriSteer

An autoguidance solution that allows easy integration into existing equipment that doesn’t currently have factory installed autoguidance capabilities.

Advanced Technology: Section and Rate Control

Patriot ®Series Spayers: Setting The Industry Standard:

Save on inputs and increase your spray efficiency on Patriot sprayers

Early Riser® Planters: Plant By Prescription:

Plant and apply fertilizer by prescription with Early Riser planters.

Precision Air™ Carts: Reduce Overplanting And Improve Results:

Rate and section control can yield significant input cost savings and enhanced yield characteristics.

AFS AccuControl: More Capability, Less Complexity

AccuControl can be used in conjunction with a Case IH Nutri-Placer and competitive sprayers, strip till applicators, NH3 applicators, and 48-row or smaller planter. Operators can:
  • Monitor and record seed population, average spacing, singulation and variation
  • Control the hydraulic drives, liquid delivery and sections
With AFS AccuControl, a single display operates any or all of these capabilities AND other tractor functions as well.

Field-IQ™: Catch Problems Before They Happen

The Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides a complete field application solution. The Field-IQ system helps you:
  • Increase profits by avoiding double coverage and eliminating wasted inputs using automatic or manual section control
  • Save on input costs by monitoring and simultaneously varying up to six different materials using Variable Rate Application (VRA) technology to precisely plant seeds, apply chemicals and broadcast fertilizers
  • Monitor real-time seeding information or fertilizer delivery lines and prevent costly planter problems by catching them early before they cause yield reduction
  • Utilize crop-sensing technology to reduce costs and environmental impact by controlling the application of nitrogen, herbicide and other crop inputs for optimum plant growth
  • Manage all of your guidance and application tasks using Field-IQ, which is compatible with the FM-750™ or FM-1000™ and XCN-2050™ AFS displays


Harvest Solutions

Harvest is your one and only shot to monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. You need intuitive solutions that are ready to go when you are to gather crop information for your records. You want the ability to immediately analyze the performance of different seed varieties. And, most importantly, you require a system and support team designed to fit the way you farm. Case IH AFS harvest monitoring and mapping tools deliver on all your needs.

Combines: Monitor Your Harvest

All Case IH Axial-Flow® combines feature integrated yield and moisture monitoring sensors standard from the factory. Case IH was the first manufacturer to offer integrated yield and moisture monitoring in 1997.Your AFS Pro 700 display serves as your interface to calibrate sensors, view yield and moisture information, monitor combine performance and control machine functions. You don’t have to install anything extra.


The opportunities and challenges impacting agriculture today and into the next decades mean we’re farming in ways our grandfathers never imagined. Innovative precision farming technologies, like the Case IH AFS 372 GNSS receiver and DCM-300 modem, are examples of how Case IH delivers intuitive technology and ensures maximum uptime. Case IH is committed to delivering the technology you need, now and in the future, to improve productivity across your entire operation.

Data Management Software

A single software suite enables you to maximize the value of your AFS technology. AFS Software enables you to view, edit, manage, analyze and utilize your precision farming data. Designed to fit your operation’s needs, Case IH AFS Software offers the flexibility and analysis power to support all your precision farming needs. Generate yield maps, prescription maps and more from a single, integrated software package. Plus, create soil sampling maps, create and print reports and import satellite imagery. No matter what your data source – the AFS Pro 700 display, your crop consultant, or an ag retailer or other supplier – you can easily import and manage the data using your AFS Software.

Single Source Solutions: Management Tools To Help You Tie It All Together

Case IH AFS Software lets you manage, view and edit all the precision farming data collected with your AFS equipment, as well as other precision farming data sources. Organize all your data with a single software program, then generate and print layouts, reports and charts. Share maps and reports with landlords, consultants, etc.


In addition to collecting timely information from the cab, producers can now collect data from the sky with the Case IH UAV. In collaboration with industry-leader DroneDeploy®, this new drone package quickly takes the pulse of crop health for near-real-time decision-making.

Everything you need, right out of the box.

The Case IH UAV package includes the DJI® Phantom 4 Pro drone with RGB camera, a hard carrying case, an extra battery and a one-year subscription to DroneDeploy software. This system makes it quick and easy for producers to fly their drone, capture imagery, view and analyze maps with powerful filters, and then share those maps and insights with trusted advisers to immediately take action.